Crafted by the late Arlie Garrett  
from p
reviously loved cowboy boots with history...


Thank you for visiting Rootin Tootin Boutique.

The beautifully handcrafted cowboy boot purses and other items you see on our website are the final creations of the late Arlie Garrett, with his SIGNATURE inside all Diana, Nicole and Liz cowboy boot purses. 

More of his legacy creations, never before offered, will be listed soon. Please check back often to see the latest listings.

People often ask if we have a shop. We do not, but our purses, wristlet wallets and wine totes can all be seen and purchased in person by appointment. Make plans now for a special 'ladies day out' to shop, talk, and laugh with your girlfriends on a road trip to Rootin Tootin Boutique.

If you like our products and the way we do business, we ask that you kindly share our website with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Our business was built from the ground up on quality workmanship, friendly customer service, and referrals. Word of mouth and social media shares are our best advertising! 

Thank you. We appreciate your business, and hope you'll shop with us again soon. 

Debby Garrett


(To learn more about this beloved craftsman, click on the first link below to see Arlie Garrett on 'Texas Country Reporter' in his interview with Bob Phillips. Follow along as he makes cowboy boot purses and tells the story of how the combination of his love of cowboy boots, his admiration for the original bootmaker's artistry, and his intrigue with entrepreneurship, eventually evolved into a small business, known as "Rootin Tootin Boutique." In the second video, see his cowboy boot purses featured in a Hartford Insurance commercial.)



 Arlie Garrett interview with Bob Phillips on 'Texas Country Reporter.'
See the video 
by clicking here.

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Hartford Insurance Commercial... nationally televised debut of the 'Hartford Purse', designed by Arlie Garrett, commissioned by The Hartford Company...

See the video by clicking here. 

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